19. september 2010

Var Adolf Hitler troende?

Og var nazityskland et ateistisk styre, som bl.a. paven for nylig har påstået?

Jeg vil lade følgende billedgalleri tale for sig selv:

Hvad siger du?


WilliamJansen sagde ...

Se også:

Et uddrag af guidelines for banned books i Nazi Tyskland.


En samling Hitler-citater om religion:


Peter Kofod sagde ...

Richard Dawkins sagde i sin tale til protest the pope i London for nylig:

Adolf Hitler was a Roman Catholic. Or at least he was as much a Roman Catholic as the 5 million so-called Roman Catholics in this country today. For Hitler never renounced his baptismal Catholicism, which was doubtless the criterion for counting the 5 million alleged British Catholics today. You cannot have it both ways. Either you have 5 million British Catholics, in which case you have to have Hitler too. Or Hitler was not a Catholic, in which case you have to give us an honest figure for the number of genuine Catholics in Britain today – the number who really believe Jesus turns himself into a wafer, as the former Professor Ratzinger presumably does.

In any case, Hitler certainly was not an atheist. In 1933 he claimed to have “stamped atheism out”, having banned most of Germany’s atheist organizations, including the German Freethinkers League whose building was then turned into an information bureau for church affairs.

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