7. februar 2009

Kan en ateist blive præsident i USA?

Jon Stewart har her et indslag med forfatteren til bogen "God in the White House", Randall Balmer.

John Stewart: When Did "Good Person" Get Intricately Linked to Faith?

Jon Stewart: Do you think we could ever elect an atheist?… Now, we have a black president. Could an atheist — What will come first: black, woman, Hispanic, gay, Jew, Atheist? Where do you go?

Randall Balmer: I think, pretty much, in that order…

JS: [Laughs] I hope somebody wrote that down!

RB: And I think atheist is probably at the end. Because we Americans want to know about our candidates’ faith. What we really want to know is: Are they good people? Are they moral? Are they trustworthy?

JS: But when did “good person” get intricately linked to faith? Why can’t goodness be a virtue without fear of Biblical punishment or any of those other…

RB: Well, it certainly can. But in America… religion is a proxy for morality… the only way we can frame the question is ask, “Do you go to church?” “Are you a religious person?” And I think the problem is that we, as the voters, take those kind of blithe responses at face value and we should interrogate those claims…


Nils Ververs Lübke sagde ...

Jeg ved ikke helt om jeg tør indrømme det... men uden Daily Show og Colbert Report ville min nyhedskonsum hvad angår USA falde med godt 95%.

Jakob H. Heidelberg sagde ...

Hej Nils,

Jeg har det helt på samme måde :)

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