3. april 2011

Sam Harris om forholdet mellem religion og videnskab

Sam Harris har skrevet en afsindig morsom - og vældig ironisk - artikel om forholdet mellem religion og videnskab, citat:
"...given that viruses outnumber animals by ten to one, and given that a single virus like smallpox killed 500 million human beings in the 20th century (many of them children), people like Coyne ask whether these data are best explained by the existence of an all knowing, all powerful, and all loving God who views humanity as His most cherished creation. Wrong question Coyne! You see, the wise have learned to ask, along with Miller, whether it is merely possible, given these facts, that a mysterious God with an inscrutable Will could have created the world. Surely it is! And the heart rejoices..."

Som han dog kan sige det :)

Læs hele den herligt sarkastiske artikel her: http://bit.ly/Jx8Hl


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