20. februar 2010

Still a Lie - en sang om kreationisme og overtro

Still a Lie (Portal, Still Alive parody):

This isn't science
They're dreaming it up along the way
argument from ignorance is failure
Religion repackaged
another creationist disguise
a trojan horse for public schools
but we all know what's inside

Should we teach the kids their astrological signs?

and consult the ouija - it could save us some time
Who needs answers and truth
when you're dumbing down the youth
with creationist fables and lies?

Well, Michael J. Behe

said some things were just far too complex
Seems Michael needs to build a better mousetrap
Ken tore it to pieces
and showed that the pieces work just fine
No god required, this case is tired,
You really need a new shtik

But they'll keep on trying 'till they run out of faith

'preach the controversy' while there is no debate
If the answers not clear, trust in ignorance and fear
teaching doctrine that is Still a Lie.

They go ahead and teach it

to hell with the Constitution now
They slipped god through the back door of the classroom
In Louisiana
and made it a joke, ha-ha, bad science
The children have my sympathy
they'll never learn how to think

But it's really not that complicated at all

there are reasons that it's written into our law
there's no science in faith, keep it separate from the state
let the children know it's Still a Lie

it's anti-science and it's Still a Lie

just like astrology it's Still a Lie
it's just creationism in disguise
and like the flat earth it is Still a Lie
and when your dead it will be Still a Lie, Still a Lie, Still a Lie


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