12. november 2009

Uhygelig muslimsk propaganda

Et skrækkeligt eksempel på hvordan man forsøger at manipulere med godtroende menneskers virkelighedsopfattelse ved at foregive, at have videnskabelige fakta som underbygger en gude-hypotese, eller rettere, en Allah-hypotese. Det er lige til at brække sig over!

Miracle of Kaaba English Version on Vimeo:

Hvis man er så dum at tro, at 1,618 er et tal som går igen overalt i universet - uden at indse, at vi kan finde et hvilket som helst tal i utallige ting hvis vi blot søger grundigt nok (!) - så er man nok tabt, rent intellektuelt, på forhånd alligevel...


Dima sagde ...

My favorite debilitating part is where the author uses the world map to find the relation between number phi and Mecca:
He forgets that the world is round, not flat, and thus the northern and southern “perimeters of the Earth (!?)” are not two lines but dots, - poles.
The ratio between “the eastern elongation and the western elongation” is rather arbitrary because of the same reason: the Earth is a globe! it doesn’t have edges and we can use author’s logic to show that any city lies according to golden ration between “the eastern and the western elongations” by using different maps.
I must admit that the ratio between the distances between Mecca and the poles is something close to number phi (which is an irrational number and not exactly 1,618 as pointed out by video’s author), but that’s the only thing that holds water in this video.

During the investigation of the verse in Quran, author cautiously avoids to divide 47 letters with 29 to produce number phi (did I mentioned that it’s an irrational number?). Instead he divides 47 with 1,618 and, oy vey, we got about 29,05 letters which is the same as 29 letters with few ink spots on the margin. Is it a miracle of a lazy Designer who in the whole book of Quran couldn’t fit a sentence that shows golden ration more precisely? Why not just put world’s map in the book with both Americas and kangaroos?

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